I still feel the urge to talk to Sol, its been a month since i found about her and i just can't stop thinking about it
i dream of meeting her in that day, trying to convince her not to end things like that.So young, yet to experience life...
God, i think there is no one else in this world i can relate to that much,in such a way.
i felt the connection, the bond with her, maybe like she felt the same connection with Eric.
she only wanted to talk with him and no one else, i sometimes feel the same way.

Why? Why does my heart hurt so much?
Why do I feel guilty for not finding you when you were still here?
I wish I could travel back in time. To help you.
Just like you wanted to help Eric to not commit it.I'm convinced that you just wanted to talk with him.
Tables have turned, haven't they...Well that part of life surely sucks.Not being able to reach those who are already gone from this world.
But why, why am i blaming myself right now? Separated by thousands of kilometers.Now I just feel heartbroken for not metting you at the right time. 


Days go by, but I can't get her out of my head. I keep going through her stuff daily, and
looking from another perspective it looks kinda creepy, but im kind of desperate at the moment - i feel inlove with her personality in a 
weird way.i'm so stupid, man.
After all i'm feeling grateful - her music playlist on last.fm is so pure and filled with great songs. I absolutely love it. Thank you, Sol.

I realized that I see Sol as an artist I can reach to when i'm feeling down.Maybe she is a rockstar in my world.
Her art is just a couple of mouse clicks away just like many other people who contributed to the world.Exploring the world of Sol so I can understand how she felt even better.
Whenever I go out i'm searching for her, but why!? i can't find another girl like Sol.She was unique!

I had forgotten this song.Heard it today while driving around and now I can't stop playing it. Maybe the one i mostly relate to as of now.


Vacate is a word Vengeance has no place so near to her Cannot find a comfort In this world... . Some die just to live

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