I am grateful to the people on the list, for helping me deal with all my problems, for helping me cope with loneliness
and most importantly - every time I reach to their art I find the motivation to get my sh*t together.

Kurt Cobain

He was the guy who saved the life of many people.Feeling misunderstood, undervalued, with anger building up every day - how many teens felt.
I'm also one of them. Kurt was the guy who stood up for all of us back in the 90's.I'm happy that Nirvana got so popular,
giving grunge a name, creating path for other bands to break through dominating then pop scene.
Kurt's lyrics are so relatable its actually weird.Influential person with a hurt soul and beautiful mind.
Such a caring person aswell, but life had other plans for him, sadly.
Unfortunately, many rock stars battle drug addiction and depression, but I'm sure dealing with fame is a tough thing.
However, I'm thankful for his contribution to the world.An evidence that even with difficulties in life you can achieve great things.

Thank you, I hope you found the peace you were searching for, Kurt.


Layne Staley

I love the Man In The Box.
In my opinion his vocal abilities outshine every other grunge frontman, except maybe Chris Cornell.
An amazing person, legendary vocalist.AiC must be one of my top 5 bands of all time.
His partnership with Jerry Cantrell was magical, like - the perfect duo.
Well-written lyrics, great songs, leading to successful albums and fame.
Then, Layne's problems began.Abusing drugs destroyed him physically. He got ill and his life tore apart.
His girlfriend died which fucked up his mentality too.His last years looked like he is in hell.
And the saddest thing is that he was lonely, he didn't even talk to his friends who really cared about his health.
He just gave up.Maybe it was the right choice, because ending his life ended his suffering too.

Rest easy, man.


Chuck Schuldiner

What a genius he was.The Godfather of death metal.
I wasn't into death metal.But this man introduced me to this kind of music.His beautiful lyrics,his godlike growls, melodic and beautifully sounding guitars.Death had everything.
Despite having one of the best and scary voice in death metal, he was a very kind human.
He loved animals.He loved life, but his life was short just like most of the people on this list.

My anger and dissatisfation were instantly affected once I played Death.Works like a charm, every time.

Thank you, thank you Chuck for the wonderful work, absolute piece of art both with Death and Control Denied.You should've stayed longer. May your soul rest in peace.

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